Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October 17th 2011

I was leaving work to pick Lyndsay up from dance when Ann called, she was very excited and asked if I had seen the email. When I told her no, she said hang up and look at the email I think she is ours. Words are not adequate to express the feeling I had when I saw this picture.

I read her brief profile and felt this was our little girl. Unlike most, Addie was not matched to us, the email we got was sent to everyone else using our agency that was adopting from China. Ann and I decided to pray about it and call the next day if we still felt like she was ours. We both felt really strongly the next morning, but I was reluctant to get too excited. I did not want to get my hopes up about this beautiful girl only to find out she was not coming home with us. After we told them of our interest they sent us her file and a handful of pictures. 

Much of the information was in Mandarin, some was translated. It is funny now to look at the different pictures and we can see her little personality being expressed. We were told that other families were interested and each had until Friday to let them know they wanted to continue pursuing her. Friday we heard from them and only two others were still interested. They said they would let us know Wednesday what the committee decided. It seemed like the longest 5 days. Wednesday came and went and we never heard. We knew God was in control, he would bring us the daughter he had created for our family. But at the same time we were anxious to hear something. The next day they called to tell us that if we wanted to continue Addie was ours. It was so exciting telling the kids that we would be bringing Addie home.

The next few months were filled with a lot of what the last 9 months had been. We prayed and waited for things to happen. Each step bringing us closer to the day we could bring our baby girl home. Today, a year later, we are brought joy each day by the angel they described as "a girl with a small face." I think back to the months before we saw her beautiful face and prayed for God to work things out to bring our daughter home and can see how along the way God was working things for our good and to His glory. The process of bringing Addie home has given me a greater faith, and also a better realization of the relationship God desires with us. It has been a realization that the moment He adopts us is not the end, but just the beginning of our relationship. He does not just desire to make us His, He desires to have a relationship with us. I longed and waited for the day to bring Addie into our family. Now that she is here we share the love and joy of a family each day growing closer in our relationship. I'm thankful for this wonderful gift that God brought our family. I'm also thankful for a heavenly Father who desires not only to save us, but to have a relationship with us.

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