Thursday, November 29, 2012

Addie follow up

This past Tuesday marked three weeks since Addie's surgery. Last week we returned to the doctor for a follow up visit. They were pleased with the way her back had healed so far. We are glad to have no more doctor visits until January.
Pre-surgery artwork

We had a slight scare about a week after surgery. When we checked out to leave the hospital the doctor said to call if she was vomiting or running a fever over 101. We had gone a week and she was doing really well. Wednesday she began to vomit and at first we thought maybe she had eaten something that did not settle well. After about the third time we decided to call the doctor. They sent us to the pediatrician to have her checked for a bladder infection. By that night she had quit vomiting and seemed to be feeling better. They put her on a different antibiotic to clear it up. Thankfully that was the only issue we had.
A few hours after surgery

Thanks Lyndsay for my new dog.
We were concerned about how we would keep her laying down for 10 days, but it actually went better than we thought. The first week she felt bad enough that she did not really want to move too much.    

The last few days of laying flat were harder as she began to feel better. We had put her in a wagon so that we could move her from room to room without picking her up. This turned out to help keep her still also since there was very little room to move. 
Worn out from a long day.

After her 10 days of laying flat she was glad to be moving about again. It did take her a few days to fully regain her strength though. The first few days crawling was tough for her. She would crawl a few feet and then lay down. I would say at this point though she is back to where she was before surgery. She is crawling and getting around well. The last few days she has even been attempting to stand without holding on to anything. 
Excited to be going home!
The wagon she spent most of the week in after she came home.

As we think about the last few weeks we are thankful for what God has done. We praise Him for Addie. That even before she was formed in the womb He knew she would be a part of our family. We are thankful that the surgery was a success and that she has healed well. We continue to pray for her bladder to function properly. And that through it all He receives the glory and honor for what he has done in our lives. 

This video is brief glimpse into our journey to bring Addie home. The song is called "This Love" by Mandi Mapes. You can find her album on iTunes. 

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